El Capitan Narnia Exhibit

As unhappy as I was with the Narnia exhibit at Disney-MGM Studios, looks liked I’d be very pleased with the props and displays out for viewing at Disney’s El Capitan in Hollywood. I also like what they did with the decorations inside the theatre itself.

If you live in the area the El Capitan has extended the run for the movie and exhibit through January 26th. You can buy reserved tickets online.

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2 thoughts on “El Capitan Narnia Exhibit”

  1. I have never read or known anything about Narnia in original version. So, in my following comments everything is just religiously neutral. I have watched it recently in the form of film and this is my opinion about what i feel about the show.

    This is my comments after watching the movie of chronicle of Narnia

    Range of worthiness to be watched:

    +1 +2 +3 +4 +5

    not good ——————-> very good

    My opinion: -1


    Great and fantastic Promotion and Preview,but emptiness within…………..

    great anticipation at preview, disappointment at watching………

    too much as a fairy tale ,…..

    characteristic of each main character not properly shown……their full abilty not properly put foward.

    The ending is also dissatisfactory, the film just ends with some kind of uncertainty not properly explained. There is also some kind of hanging in between the film. It just does not have the kind of smoothness i will normally feel and experience when i am watching a so-called good film.

    From starting to end the story is some kind of emptiness, for kids it is ok for the nice pictures, for adults some kind of boring.

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