Lucasfilm enters Feature Animation Fray

Luxo, the Pixar Animation Blog, links to an MSNBC story reporting that The Orphanage, a studio with ties to Lucasfilm, has hired Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of ‘Samurai Jack’ and big honcho on ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ to run their CG feature animation. The division will be called Orphanage Animation Studio and is an offshoot of The Orphanage, a visual effects studio founded by ex-Lucasfilm employees. I so <heart> the design behind Samurai Jack and the Clone Wars series. Can’t wait to see how it translates to feature animation length work.

The Bay Area is getting crowded with animation and effects studios. It looks like even Pixar is going to need to grow eyes on the back of their heads. As far as I’m concerned the more competition in the field the better. As long as Tartakovsky and Orphanage Animation Studio can begin by telling great stories with interesting animation, then everyone will be pushed to do better.

update: corrected fact that Orphanage, not Lucasfilm, hired Genndy

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1 thought on “Lucasfilm enters Feature Animation Fray”

  1. We have yet to see if this studio is actually going to become competition for pixar. For a while there it looked like dreamworks had a chance but they can’t seem to make any money on anything without shrek in the title. As anyone who works at pixar will tell you, the movies aren’t popular because they are computer animation they are popular because they have good characters and stories. As far as the technology goes Pixar has worked hard to be at a place that it can sit comfortably for a while. And to their credit I’m sure they won’t

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