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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Controversy (again)

EmheThe producers of Disney’s ABC Television Hit Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (EMHE) must be tired of all the nitpickers trying to find fault with every little thing they do. Mostly, I suspect that’s just jealousy from those who were left out. But this time I think there is a legitimate complaint. The gentleman whose home they just performed their $500,000 extreme makeover on, has a criminal past.

Goodale has a criminal record, starting with a conviction for armed robbery as a teenager, for which he served 60 days in the York County jail. He also has a misdemeanor conviction for assault and two convictions for drunken driving.

Goodale’s ex-wife called the newspaper to report on her ex’s mis-deeds after seeing his story in print. This does raise some questions on how the 15-20 families a year (out of the tens of thousands who apply) who get awarded with an extreme makeover are selected. Was there a criminal background check completed by ABC. Even so, would it matter to the show? A criminal record doesn’t necessarily eliminate you from the Habitat for Humanity program either. After all while the show may be doing good deeds, its primary purpose is still to sell advertising for the network.

I’m not sure where I stand on this. Yes, the man has spent time in jail, but he served his debt to society. Now he’s lost his arm (self-amputated it in a lobster boat accident) and he needed help. Plus there is the rest of his family to think about. Let’s hope that EMHE has set him on an even keel for the future.

No release date has been announced for the airing of the Goodale Family episode on ABC.

Original story from Portland Press Herald (comments have been tragically edited).
New story from Press Herald disclosing criminal past.

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4 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Controversy (again)”

  1. Mr. Goodale has paid his debt to society. However, given the fact that he has been given a second chance to improve his life he should Pay It Forward. He should give back in whatever way he deems fit to his community. We all make mistakes some more severe than others, and desperation can make you do crazy things sometimes. The background checks should be only to see if people are career criminals, murderers, or child molesters and pedifiles. As for other incidents if a person has a criminal history that should be left to the descretion of the producers, and let them find out if these people have worked to become productive citizens. This gentleman’s crimes have been over 10 years and if he’s become a model citizens and has asked his God for forgiveness… Who are we to judge him. His family didn’t do anything they deserve a chance. If he has changed for the better then the System has worked. Sometimes we as society put those desperate people out to fail because we don’t let go of their past, we don’t give them another chance. Extreme has once again done the Extreme by not doing the “norm”. They’ve gone outside the box and looked in depth at his situation and not penalized his family because of his lack of judgement or past deeds. Extreme knows possibly more of the story than we do and made the call to say this is a soul worth saving. We need to be more compassionate I’m not saying what he did was not wrong, because it was a terrible thing to do and his victims didn’t deserve to be terrorized. But my husband is a detective and I know of cases where people were not only robbed but killed for less. Mr. Goodale could have taken those victims lives but had enough conscious left not to do so. I hope he knows the opportunity he’s been given and takes the time to Pay It Forward to someone who may be thinking that robbing someone is the answer. I think its kind of ironic that he lost his arm the arm he stole with. God knows and he teaches us all life lessons in ways we don’t want to acknowledge. Extreme Makeover is doing amazing things and is considering all of us that need help. He has paid his debt and deserves a second chance its up to him now whether or not he’ll be the person God intended him to be. Only time will tell but he can no longer say no one ever gave him a hand ever again…Literally!

    Maybe they should put in the contract that if his family splits they have to sell the house and half of his money from the sale would go back to the community.

  2. hey goodales hope you like your house cant wait to se the show!
    im friends with amanda and my brother is friends with tabatha!so im excited for them!

  3. hey goodales hope you like your house cant wait to se the show!
    im friends with amanda and my brother is friends with tabatha!so im excited for them!

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