Remembering Peter Jennings: The Memorial

Jennings_pAmong the many things I discovered about myself while watching the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it was how much I really missed the voice and visage of Peter Jennings steering us through the storm. I’m sure many people felt the same way. So it was no surprise to me when 2000 mourners attended his memorial service earlier this week.

ABC News, as expected, has good coverage of the evening full of media insiders. But for an ‘outsider’ view the must read is mediabistro’s The Newser. He has a number of posts starting with the program and then blogging live through the moving ceremony. (There’s much more if you scroll through the blog.)

I’d like to quote Alan Alda’s comments about Peter Jennings as they sum up my feelings nicely.

"He was complex and simple at the same time. He was knowledgeable and
inquisitive. He was kind and tough, at the same time. He was graceful
and direct." Most of all, "he was authentic." And
that void cannot be filled. "Others will step in and fill in his shoes
excellently," Alda said. "But no one can replace the unique person who
was Peter."

Thank you Peter. And good night.

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