Disney loses round 1 at Orlando Airport

It’s Disney 0, Limo and Shuttle Drivers 1 at the Orlando Airport. Airport officials have announced they will be limiting the access of Disney’s Magical Express shuttle program to the baggage level just like every other shuttle and limo service. No word on if Disney will have to split their operations between the two terminals potentially costing the mouse another $15 million.

I don’t think this move makes much sense since the whole point of the Magic Express program is to let some of the crowds, those that already have rooms reserved at Disney World, bypass the busy baggage claim level and alleviate some of the crowding there. Limo and Shuttle drivers won’t get any new business from this move, they’ll just have the chance to scam some tourists who don’t understand the process.

In any event, the change doesn’t affect the real magic of Disney’s service… which is that when you check your bags in at your originating airport you’re don’t have to deal with them again until they appear in your hotel room on Disney property. It’s a free plus that makes staying on Disney property that much more attractive.

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