Talk like Jack Sparrow Day, Argh!

Argh… Talk like a Pirate Day it be. Which if ye be a Disney fan means ye should be sittin down for a wee while to watch your Pirates of the Caribbean DVD for a few salty ol pirate hints. Luckier folk can hoof it on over to the theme park and sit for a spell on the ride itself. (All of which are rumored to be getting Jack Sparrow overlays as the sequel is finished.)

T’would be rude of me to leave you without a solid rumor of gold from the production camp, so here ya go. Depp Confirms thar will be no Pirate Keith Richards, argh. *sniff*

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1 thought on “Talk like Jack Sparrow Day, Argh!”

  1. No Dread Pirate Keith?

    Arrrrr, not to be the one to sport ill tidings on this glorious Talk Like a Pirate Day, but we’ve received word from the landlubbers at The Movie Blog by way of the The Disney Blog that scheduling conflicts have prevented Keith Richards from playin…

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