New Chicken Little Characters

ChickenlittleI usually don’t report directly on what’s going on inside the parks, there are other websites that do that better for vacation planners, but yesterday I was at Disney MGM Studios with my son and we saw the two new walk-around characters from the upcoming release, Chicken Little (imdb). That’s Chicken Little on the left and Abby Mallard on the right. The cutey in the middle is my son.

We got to spend about five minutes with the pair of characters as all the other guests had already been through the queue. They chased eachother around and danced together. My son was very interested by the fallen piece of sky, and that made for some great fun too. It seemed to me that everyone was having a great time. The walk-around staff, or ‘zoo crew’ as they’re known, generates a ton of great guest memories, but they hardly get any recognition and earn peanuts when they should be paid in gold.

Thanks for making my son’s, and my, day yesterday.

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