Disney sheds some more union positions

After firing all their tech support people and rehiring them as contractors or workers for another agency, the Disney Company wants to save a few more bucks by firing 200 or so housekeepers then rehiring them as contractors or part time workers. The housekeepers don’t understand why a company that is as profitable as Mickey’s would want to ruin a good thing.

I have to agree. Paying housekeepers a living wage, although Disney doesn’t do that now, is part of what it means to run a mega-resort these days. With attendence once again at pre 9-11 numbers and rising, Disney World needs to looking to share the wealth a little bit. Instead they’re treating their employees like so much cattle. Well, when employees are treated like cattle long enough guess what you get as a result. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that Disney would be wise to avoid.

Las Vegas resort companies have already learned this lesson. Ask MGM/Mirage why they’re paying their employees for 90 days even though their place of work was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Ask them why they already announced plans to reopen Beau Rivage as soon as possible. In fact, cleanup work has already begun at the resort.

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