Hurricane Katrina: People come together to help

It’s my opinion that the best of human nature always wins out in the end. People will rise up when challenged to better themselves and others. Those that can do that in the darkest of times are real heroes. Today I want to chronicle a few of those heroic efforts based out of Central Florida.

The Pellegrin family fled from New Orleans and is now receiving aid from Travelodge and community churches. Here the Orlando Sentinel lists other efforts in the area (another story here).

The Russell family of Long Beach, Mississippi have been taken in by a family here in Orlando. They found the help on Orlando’s Freecycle site. Freecycle might be a great place to list some of the extra stuff you have that might help other displaced families in your area.

If you want to send aid to the generous families that have taken in the evacuees Tom Joyner and have set up a relief fund that will aid the heroic efforts of those families. Donations are accepted via Paypal (Visa, MC, and Paypal funds accepted) which is a good thing IMHO.

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1 thought on “Hurricane Katrina: People come together to help”

  1. I agree with you about human nature. Looking back at 911 I recall how during the months that followed that horrible attack that people seemed kinder to one another. Maybe it was a small gesture such as holding the door open for the person behind you or a smile as you passed a stranger in the grocery store. All and all I feel that we are united and will once again show are true Amercian colors and help those in need.

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