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Celebrity Aid for Hurricane Katrina Victims

Paul Williams may be short of stature, but he’s a giant of heart. He’s turned his website into a clearinghouse for Hurricane Katrina info. Paul has written many songs for the Muppets including The Rainbow Connection.

If you have not made a connection with the relief efforts, please consider doing so now ( or The blogathon for Katrina relief has been extended through the holiday weekend. Once you’ve made your donation, log it in at the Truth Laid Bear Blogathon tracking site so we can see how much fundraising power the blogging ecosystem has.

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1 thought on “Celebrity Aid for Hurricane Katrina Victims”

  1. It is the continuity of socio-economic history that enables the repetition of much of the disasters of history.

    The ironical thing is, it was due to wealth being dammed up in particular sectors of society that enabled the dams that broke to do its worse.

    As i’m inclined to say, Katrina was the aftermath of the disaster that is generally mistaken for the American Dream.

    Very few consider the number of lives claimed by this true disaster on a daily basis whether it is in the form of abject dejection or lethal injection. If that number was counted, it would make Katrina little more than a passing cloud of the most meagre of proportions.

    btw. i’ll give you all i have but first you have to get the capitalist and aristocrat to give till their bank balance equates to mine. If not, it is just a case of the slave begging from a slave so that s/he might remain a slave…. so that more amongst their number might live to die the next day. Time for some effective empathy i think.

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