Remembering Superstar Limo

I was able to visit Disney’s California Adventure soon after it opened, which means I actually got to ride the infamous Superstar Limo. I already read lots of negative buzz before my visit, so I definitely made a point to experience it, since I had a feeling it wouldn’t be around for long (and the non-existent line was another clue!). Of course, the attraction pretty much was what I expected, and since that one ride I’ve read so many jokes and jeers about it that even my own memories were altered into thinking it was the worst attraction conceivable.

Well, I recently watched the Superstar Limo DVD from the Extinct Attractions Club, and it’s not nearly as bad as I remembered! Some of the caricatured animatronics are actually kind of clever (even with limited movement), and even though 90% of the sets are painted flats, it’s still really colorful and fun. The queue featured some cool graphic design, and the purple limo ride vehicles themselves were on a par with the cabs in Roger Rabbit’s Car-Toon Spin (minus the spin). There was even a quick Madame Leota parody that I had completely forgotten! On the other hand, I’m amazed at how terrible the CG Joan Rivers and the agent were!

I’m looking forward to whatever happens to this attraction, since anything is better than keeping it closed. I’m certainly in favor of a Monsters, Inc. attraction, but I’m kind of hoping they keep the limos in the theme somehow.

5 thoughts on “Remembering Superstar Limo”

  1. That ride was hideous AND inane. That ride was the epitome of why California Adventures is riding the bell curve of sucess. The ride was insincere and a lot of the atmosphere in CA was as well. After my first visit, I only said one thing about it: “It lacked Disney, it lacked magical thrills, it lacked the purity of optimism”.

    It has become more enchanting these past few years, they need to follow the same vein Disneyland did, to grow out of love, inspiration, and above all magic, there’s gold in them thar hills, they just need to thump the Imagineers with what it is all really about.

  2. Joan Rivers and the Agent charcters were puppets and not CGI. Sorta in the vein of spliting image.

    I didn’t think the ride was bad, but it was not memorable to me.

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