Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride – Trailer

I hate to interupt the wonderful job Mikey has been doing this week. But I thought I’d mention that Apple has put up a Quicktime Trailer of Tim Burton’s next Stop Motion Animated Feature – The Corpse Bride. It looks absolutely amazing.

2 thoughts on “Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride – Trailer”

  1. Tim Burton is an amazing director with a stunning image and a beautiful heart. His movies contain some of the most touching and inspirational scenes and characters. It is because he understands people who are outcasted and alone and reaches out to them with a whole new perspective, giving audiences across America the truth that there is nothing wrong with being different. I admire his skill his hard work and his boldness of being not afraid of criteria and being made fun of. I am only twelve years old and even I understand the feeling all of his movies have. As if they are so beautiful so magical they must exist somehow. I cannot wait for the Corpse Bride because he will absolutely take everyone on a wild spin both entertaining and touching

  2. Well then I guess Im the only person who truly appreciates Tim Burton, actually I wasn’t counting on anyone posting because I know what Disney did to poor Tim Burton and after all this is the Disney Blog. Yeah well look where he is now, one of the most famous Directors all because Disney let him go. So I guess I should be thanking you people then?

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