Virtual Disney Attractions

Following in the amazing footsteps of the Adventure Thru Inner Space DVD comes Virtual Toad. A project that began with the announced closing of the once popular Disney World attraction still plods on today. Spencer has completed his rendering of the attraction queue and loading zone (A QTVR is available). I can’t wait to see the whole project finished.
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2 thoughts on “Virtual Disney Attractions

  1. fiction is lying.

    Virtual Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

    Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride may be gone, but its memory lives on, and is now materializing into a complete virtual reconstruction appropriately titled Virtual Toad.

  2. Past is prologue

    Virtual Mr Toad ride

    Via een van mijn favoriete blogs, de Disney Blog te weten gekomen dat er iemand een attractie van Disney virtueel aan het namaken is omdat deze binnenkort zal verdwijnen uit Disney World. Respect!

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