Georgia-Pacific and Disney Announce deal

One of the brilliant refinements of the traditional amusement park industry made by Walt Disney was to have national corporations sponsor stores, attractions, and even restaurants in his themeparks. It’s a strategy pursued by todays financial managers as well. Alas, there has been a real drought of any major partnerships with many sponsors letting their agreements expire over the years (AT&T’s sponsorship of Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland and Spaceship Earth at EPCOT were certainly the biggest flight).

So it is good news for fans of Disney Themeparks that a huge sponsorship with Georgia-Pacific has been announced. I can think of a dozen attractions that would tie-in well with many of GPs products but Brawny towels looks to be the big winner.

Although it is probably too soon to say, but I suspect that more companies will find the value in major sponsorship packages with Disney themeparks. With PVRs like TiVo becoming pervasive, its is harder and harder to capture an audience with just television commercials. In park placement cannot be fast forwarded and provides a real life experience to connect with the brand name. Hard to beat that when it comes to marketing and branding. (via LPWire)