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Gay Days 2004 at Disneyland

This year’s great migration of the happiest people on earth to the happiest place on earth occurs October 1st through the 3rd. Gay Day 2004 is not sponsored by Disneyland, but Disney does make a ton of money off these 25,000 or so special guests and works with the event planners to make sure lots of fun is had by all.

One of the organizers posted about the reasons behind Gay Day at Disneyland over on the Fabulous Disney Babe’s site. Also note that there are plenty of special events taking place outside the park’s birm. If you can only visit one, I recommend you catch Charles Phoenix’s Retro Tour of Disneyland. It’s based off of Phoenix’s Retro Los Angeles tours and is sure to be a real gas.

So weather you’re gay, straight, or somewhere in between, have a great time at Gay Day 2004 and don’t forget to wear red.