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Disney Magic Music Days

One of the many things that Disney does right is the Disney Magic Music Days program. The program is a chance for children to perform at a Disney themepark, get a discount on admission and sometimes lodging, and learn a little about what it means to be a paid performer. Disneyland and Disney World participate.

Here’s Arielle’s account of her recent Magic Music Days trip to Florida. Cut short by Hurricane Charley, but it sounds like she still had fun.

6 thoughts on “Disney Magic Music Days”

  1. hi
    i’m from scotland i’m performing in the magic music day in febury 2006 and i’m so exicted i come to florida nearly every year so can’t wait

  2. Our band has been accepted to play in the disney magic music days!! It is when a bunch of bands from california get together and march through disneyland!! It will be so fun!! yay!!!!

  3. I marched at the Magic Music days just over Spring Break in March! It was the most exciting thing I have ever done. There is no doubt in my mind that I will forget this trip! It was pretty amazing being a little high school band from Illinois and being selected to perform. I do believe our whole band was truely honored!

  4. Hello,

    I was in Andrews High School Choir that preformed there in 1995 and I was wondering if you all help fotos or anything that recount. For instance old programs that I could buy. This was an exciting time for me and I would like to have some things to remeber the fun with.

    Thanks Tasha

  5. The Quaker Valley Marching band from southwest Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh) has also been accepted for Disney’s Magic Music Days in Februrary 2006! We won 1st in our division (A) last year, which is the hardest place to get with such a small group of friends all dedicated to music. (There are only 35 of us!!!) Oh, and by the way, TRUMPETS RULE!!!

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