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Who gets hit the hardest in a Hurricane?

Usually it is the people who exist at the lower end of the ecomonic spectrum. Yes, High winds don’t discriminate against homes based on how much their owners make, but the better off you are the faster you can rebound. On the otherhand if you live in a mobile home with 5 other people and you have to take the bus to work because with rent and food you can’t afford a car, then chances are a strike from hurricane charley could set you back quite a bit. Then if the busses aren’t running that day you can’t even get to work to help pay for some of the damages.

So it doesn’t suprise me that one of the hardest hit areas of the Disney World resorts is the cleaning staff (known as Houseketeers). Yesterday only 30 showed up to clean the 4,750 rooms at the All Star Resorts. Other resorts have reported similar staffing problems. Guests were being asked to spend a second night (oh the horror) in their sheets. Other guests were moved to an open room if possible.

Where I live now, in Las Vegas, the house keeping staff is unionized and their pay is enough to support a family in a nice apartment or a small home as a single mom. It would be nice to see Disney increase the pay for that same position with the person doing the same work as in Las Vegas.