Pictures from Morning Drive around WDW

Found a site with some pictures from a morning drive (and monorail ride) around Disney World. Lots of debris and signs down. Some minor damage. (owner says “no bandwidth limit…so click away”)

Here’s another site with pics of the tie-down process in the parks and some of the aftermath.

5 thoughts on “Pictures from Morning Drive around WDW

  1. Rob

    thanks for linking to my photos. You’re welcome to use any of them as you like (provided the watermarks stay intact) :)

  2. Ellen Lowe

    How did they prepare the castle for Charley? Do you have any pictures of that process?


  3. John Frost

    Don’t have any photos of the preparation. It’s rare when photos taken by cast members make it out into public. I have heard that the castle is hurricane rated however. Plus the fact that it’s mostly fiberglass over steel structure makes it fairly strong. Hope that answers your question.

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