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Damage Reports from WDW

I’ll skip the mundane landscape damage here. But I will post what ever damage I hear was done and confirm it when possible.

The first report in was of the tent covering the Cirque De Soliel building in Downtown Disney was torn and an 80ft section is missing. I believe that tent was just cosmetic, so as long as there was no structural damage to the building the shows should go on as usual. Best to call ahead though. Downtown Disney had lots of debris strewn everywhere including some damage at House of Blues (but no confirmation as to the extent).

Resorts: Most Disney resorts are reporting only landscape and minor signage damage. Possibly some roof damage with water leaks seen here and there. Lots of rain caused flooding of the pool areas. However, no reports of power loss at the resorts yet.

Guest at Doubletree Resort reports of servere damage to exterior wall and cars in the parking lot. Lots of landscape damage including trees in the pool. Guest also reports that “metal fence and gate surrounding tennis courts is twisted, bent, and pulled away from asphalt” (via)