An Odd Sad Story

Here’s a sad story of an eight year old boy found alone at Disneyland. Apparently his mother and sister have gone missing too. As a kid I always dreamed of getting left at Disneyland and having the whole park to myself. As an adult, I can see that the reality is not always so good.
(from the LP news update, Thanks!)

Update: Woman and daughter found a few miles away. Woman arrested.

2 thoughts on “An Odd Sad Story”

  1. Robyn Freeman and her children had been freeloading off the Resort and the kindness or Resort and Park Guests for over a month before Aaron was allegedly ‘found abandoned’ and his mother ‘mysteriously’ disappeared.
    They had been living in their car near the Resort, sneaking into food service areas, cafe’s, abonded tables for food and drink. Many Guests bought lunches and snacks for the kids as they made friends with their own children in the Parks and the pools.
    There is a strange and twisted story that no one is asking about and Robyn is not answering any questions without diving into neo christian new age gobbledygook.

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