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A Beastly Production

If you live in Witchita or are planning a visit, you might want to make reservations to see one of the first Community Theatre Productions of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Article goes into detail about what is involved in such a production.

I had heard that Disney was allowing a small number of theatre companies to produce their own version of the show. Even heard of one version that was being perfomed in the round. While there is a 25 minute theme park version of the stage show at Disney World, I would love to see a permanent venue or two for the 2 hour theatre variety you can find in NY or Las Vegas. I think a permanent home for B&TB would be a good start.

1 thought on “A Beastly Production”

  1. Not just a few theatres have received the license to do Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! I have found no fewer than 51 theatre companies that are advertising their own productions between June, 2004, and December, 2005. They range from amateur and children’s theatre companies to universities to professional Equity houses, from outdoor to the round and everything in between. It won’t be hard to find these shows, although it may be hard to find really good ones.

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