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Disneyland’s Birthday

The Happiest Place on Earth is celebrating it’s 49th Birthday today. It should be a national holiday, right? Next year is the big Five-O and preparations are already well underway. Hopefully we’ll have a few wonderful suprises along the way too. If you’re planning on attending the big day, I suggest making your reservations soon.

Here are a few LP stories covering the celebrations from recent birthdays include the 46th, and 48th. Have to say my favorite recent birthday was the 40th with the 40 years of adventure theme. They only gave away trading cards instead of cars, but the parade and special shows they had were cute and fun. It was actually the start of a great period of entertainment at the park.

I think back at how much my life has changed since 1995. I’ve change jobs, moved, changed jobs again, moved to a different state, married, and am currently selling my house. I’ve met some amazing people through my time at Disneyland and my time writing for, hopefully these relationships will continue for at least another 10 years.

So whatever you’re doing today. Take a moment to pause and reflect on your friendships (Disney friends or not).

And, to borrow a phrase, may all your days be Disney ones.