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A Small Pause

Please excuse the slight slowdown in posting over the next few days. I’ll be visiting the Happiest Place on Earth to celebrate its 49th Birthday and attend a meet.

If you’re looking for some great Disney reading, I continue to recommend Barb and her Celebration, FL blog. It’s consistantly the best writing out there when it comes to living near Disney.

Most Disneyophiles know that, after watching fleabag motels and tacky roadside attractions spring up next door to his California park, Walt wanted to make sure that his Florida complex had a large buffer zone. The area that is now Celebration is adjacent to 192, a Disneyland-esque road jammed with the motels, go-kart tracks, and “get ten t-shirts for a dollar” stores that Walt had feared.

Also consider paying a visit to Danny’s Land for some general Themepark coverage. His recent posts of Oak’s Park in Portland Oregon have me waxing nostalgically for the amusement park of my youth.

Themepark Adventure Magazine continues to publish online. Now if only they’re return to publishing some of those great printed magazines coving Disneyland attractions.

Finally, Laff in the Dark covers the history of spooky dark rides and other amusements better than any site I’ve seen.