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One CM at WDW

Meet Dustin. Dustin is a Cast Member at Epcot. He’s part of the College Program and he has a blog. I’m fascinated by the experiences of everyday Cast Members. How do they motivate themselves everyday? What kind of jobs do they enjoy? What don’t they like about their work? etc…. I personally have never worked for the mouse, but I would like to someday when the timing is right. So in the meantime, I follow a number of these online journals placed out there for the world to read by Disney Cast Members.

Here are some highlights of Dustin’s experience as it has gone so far.

First Post: Dustin reaches Orlando.

A short post wherein our author is threatened by a little kid.

And my favorite post so far where Dustin meets a family of guests then joins up with them in the parks the next day.

2 thoughts on “One CM at WDW”

  1. Hey there. I was just checking my site meter to see where people were connecting to my blog from and found your link in the log. I am glad that you have taken an active interest in my blogging. It brightens my day to know that I do have an reader that isn’t one of my back home friends or a fellow CP. I am intending to start posting more often again now that our high speed is back up and running. Hope to keep you as a reader and gain a few more. =)

  2. Hello there. I again just wanted to thank you for taking an active interest. I am still getting hits to by blog from people linking from here. I went from having only around 50 people a month to over 500 people a month and I do owe some of that to you. I love it. =)

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