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Behind SeaWorld’s One Ocean

SeaWorld’s newest Killer Whale show One Ocean debuted in Orlando last month and is opening in San Diego this weekend. It will reach San Antonio in June, but they have to be patient as it was just announced that they’ll … Continue reading

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Run for Dawn’s Dream on April 16th

Today most of the major news channels covered the story of Tilikum’s return to live performances at SeaWorld Orlando. Tilikum was involved in the tragic death of a trainer just over a year ago. That tragedy resulted in huge changes … Continue reading

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SeaWorld begins Reintroduction of Trainers into water with Killer Whales

It’s been a year since the tragic events that led to the death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau during an interactive session with a killer whale after a ‘Dine with Shamu’ show. During that time trainers have been kept out … Continue reading

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The Story of Shamu

Growing up, as I did, in the Pacific Northwest, Killer Whales were just part of the mythology of the region. When I first visited SeaWorld San Diego as a kid, I knew right away how special these animals are and … Continue reading

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Dawn Brancheau Foundation

The family of Dawn Brancheau, the Killer Whale trainer tragically killed at SeaWorld Orlando earlier this year, has started a foundation in her memory. The Dawn Brancheau Foundation, as you might expect, supports the things that Brancheau was involved in … Continue reading

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