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Revenge: The Season Finale (Reckoning)

I think I’ve mentioned this before but my husband measures how much I enjoyed an episode of Revenge by the amount of yelling I do from the other room. Not surprising, I let out quite a few shrieks and non-publishable … Continue reading

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The River: Season 1, Episode 8 – Row, Row, Row Your Boat

We open with a sweet look back to 1988, where Lincoln sings Lena to sleep aboard the Magus. Life is but a dream. Except on the present-day Magus, life’s sort of confusing. Looking for answers, the crew confronts Cole, who’s … Continue reading

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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition To End As Regular Series

It’s always a chicken and the egg question when a TV series gets moved to Friday night. Did the network place it there because that is the slot its numbers justified, or did the low numbers come from being exiled … Continue reading

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Modern Family: Season 2, Episode 24 – The One That Got Away

The season finale of Modern Family aired last night. “The One that Got Away” ended the second season nicely, and prepared the audience for a few things that the writers have planned for season three. The episode focuses on Jay’s … Continue reading

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