• New The Lone Ranger Movie Posters
    New <i>The Lone Ranger</i> Movie Posters

    There are some new posters in town, and fortunately this Internet is big enough for the all of them. That’s cowboy talk. I think it’s great that they are featuring some of the other cast besides the two main heroes.

  • Poster for Pixar Short “Blue Umbrella” Echoes Classier Era
    Poster for Pixar Short “Blue Umbrella” Echoes Classier Era

    The next animated short from Pixar just debuted at the Berlin International Film Festival. Guests there were each given a wonderfully minimalist poster for the short that echoes some of Hollywood’s classiest films. If you want a chance to see “The Blue Umbrella” stateside, your next chance is SXSW. The…

  • New Poster for Oz The Great and Powerful
    New Poster for Oz The Great and Powerful

    Disney has released the first panel of a three panel poster for Oz The Great & Powerful. Here we see the Wicked Witch along with the official release date of March 8, 2013. The full synopsis is below: “Oz The Great and Powerful,” directed by Sam Raimi, imagines the origins…

  • Wreck-it Ralph – New TV Ad and Posters
    Wreck-it Ralph – New TV Ad and Posters

    The marketing team for Disney Animation’s Wreck-it Ralph is starting to kick it into high gear. This TV spot titled “Game Changer” gives audiences more insight into the world inhabited by video game characters: Disney has also released four alternate posters featuring different video game characters and at least one…

  • New Wreck-it Ralph Poster
    New Wreck-it Ralph Poster

    A few days ago Disney animation released a new trailer for Wreck-it Ralph, today we get a new one-sheet poster. Just like in the trailer we have a number of cameos from other popular video games including: M. Bison, Q-Bert, Neff (the rhino from Altered Beast), a ghost from Pacman,…

  • New Image from Brave
    New Image from Brave

    Pixar’s Brave looks better with every little bit of information that’s released. Today it’s a new still from the movie featuring Merida, a lurking bear, and a mysterious blue light. If you remember a few days ago we looked at the international marketing for Pixar’s Brave. Turns out a new…

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