• Foolish Mortals
    Foolish Mortals

    My biggest concern is the one that no one sees yet. The same thing that all but killed traditional hand-drawn animation — Disney’s reckless disregard of the standards of excellence — is threatening to nip computer-rendered features short as well. Rick Aristotle Munarriz at The Motley Fool ponders the saturation…

  • Sparky’s folly?
    Sparky’s folly?

    The LA Times reminds us that all is not so rosy at Dreamworks. There is speculation that the a deadline to pay back investors, specifically Paul Allen’s $650 Million investment, is the real drive to go split. “This deadline has been looming for two years and has led to merger…

  • An Animation Rennaissance
    An Animation Rennaissance

    Ever since The Lion King broke box office records and won a plethora of awards, pundits have predicted the rebirth of America’s love with animation. Indeed where we had 1 major studio with an animation department (well 1.5 if you include Don Bluth Animation) we now have 3 (Disney, Dreamworks,…

  • On Animation
    On Animation

    Mercurie is a writer and a self proclaimed pop culture buff with an interest in classic movies, television, music,fantasy, science fiction, role playing games, comic books, medieval history, British history, and so on. He posts an anonymous blog that I’ve been reading as of late. His most recent post is…

  • More on Dreamworks IPO
    More on Dreamworks IPO

    Further thoughts on the Dreamworks IPO being a real thorn in the side of Disney. Business Week Online has a story titled:DreamWorks’ IPO, Disney’s Nightmare. The ol Grey Lady has a few thoughts as well in their coverage. And of course there is the coverage from LA’s main rag, the…

  • Dream a little dream for Eisner
    Dream a little dream for Eisner

    Disney’s largest competition in the animation business, well until Pixar is free from the Mouse’s trap, Dreamworks announces they are spinning off the Animation Unit into its own company. Looks like Sparky finally gets his dream job.

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