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Disney and Dreamworks? A Match Made in Heaven

020909 Update: The deal is now official. Nikki Finke reported it first, then the NY Times confirmed the news… Dreamworks SKG  (the film and tv, but not the animation, division) has ended negotiations to partner with Universal Studios and instead is heading just a bit… Read More »Disney and Dreamworks? A Match Made in Heaven

Cameron’s “Avatar” Pushed Back to December 2009

At one time, the summer 2009 movie season was scheduled to kickoff with two high-profile 3-D films competing over the growing, but limited number of 3-D screens, until one moved to an earlier release.  Now, the showdown will be averted altogether. Leslie Simmons reports. James… Read More »Cameron’s “Avatar” Pushed Back to December 2009

New Wallace & Gromit Film (Oct 05)

Don’t know how I missed this one but somehow the latest Wallace & Gromit film has completely avoided my radar screen. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (wikipedia) is due into theatres this October. It’s the latest in stop motion animation features from the excellent Aardman Studios. I have yet to be disappointed… Read More »New Wallace & Gromit Film (Oct 05)

DreamWorks Struggles with Sparky in Charge

For Mr. Katzenberg, who had top movie jobs at Paramount Pictures and the Walt Disney Company before co-founding DreamWorks SKG in 1994, it seemed natural that he would become the chief executive of his own company one day. But what has caught many investors by surprise is the number of blunders DreamWorks Animation has made… Read More »DreamWorks Struggles with Sparky in Charge

News Roundup

Don’t have much time to post recently, if you haven’t noticed. But I’m working on it. If you happened to visit the new OrlandoSentinel website this morning you would have seen these three stories in the news. The Weinstein Brothers are emptying the storage closet ahead of their departure from the Disney fold. A few… Read More »News Roundup

One eye on the future

To stay ahead of the pack they say you have to keep one eye on the future and one eye on the competition. If you want the best info on DreamWorksSKG then you can’t do much better than the DreamWorks SKG Fansite. This site has the latest news, upcoming releases, and the occaisional editorial.  For… Read More »One eye on the future

The Pixar Mating Season

In listening to the Pixar quarterly analyst meeting, I came away with the distinct impression that Steve Jobs was willing to wait until the next CEO of Disney was announced. Jobs said he expected a game of musical chairs would occur in the film industry and it didn’t make sense to finalize a deal until… Read More »The Pixar Mating Season

Whither Disney Animation?

With Pixar and Disney on the outs, Dreamworks with a few succesful films under it’s belt (not to mention Shrek2 the most successful animated film ever), and talent drain turning into a possible drought, what will happen to Disney’s feature animation division? They risk the chance of being the 4th or 5th ranked animated film… Read More »Whither Disney Animation?