Every few years or so a new actor steps upon the world stage and takes it by storm. The last few years has seen a quick rise to center stage by British actor Benedict Cumberbatch. From the ill-fated Calvary major in War Horse to this year’s Star Trek where he more than capably filled the role of the big villain to Sherlock Holmes in the updated BBC production of Sherlock, now entering its third season, Cumberbatch’s angular chin and piercing blue eyes have been earning the appreciation of fans and critics alike. Now, Disney gets its crack at him as it distributes a new DreamWorks movie “The Fifth Estate”.

Traitors, whistleblowers or journalists – however you consider them, WikiLeaks changed the game in our age of high-stakes secrecy, explosive news leaks and the trafficking of classified information. “The Fifth Estate” explores the organization and the personalities behind it as it acquires sensitive information and a seat in the world wide conversation about information, war, and security.