• Chewbacca Jacket and Messenger Bag
    Chewbacca Jacket and Messenger Bag

    Feeling a little cold this winter but want to keep your geek street cred, how about this Ecko Star Wars Furry Choco Covered Chewie Reversable Mens Jacket. It’s the latest in Star Wars fashion. Mark Ecko actually has a nice line of Star Wars jackets. R2D2, Storm Trooper, and Darth…

  • Disneyland T-Shirt Round Up
    Disneyland T-Shirt Round Up

    I mentioned recently that there are some new t-shirts at Disneyland and I thought you would like to see them. I’m thoughtful like that. These shirts were found in the Gag Factory shop in Toontown, Disneyland, USA, but knowing Disney I’m sure they are available throughout the parks. Mickey, Minnie,…

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