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Laura Marano helps launch “Love Tribe” Disney Princess Clothing at Macy’s

Hybrid Apparel has partnered with Disney for a Disney Princess-themed line of clothing for young women available exclusively at Macy’s nationwide.

Called Love Tribe, the fashion line features inspiration from the classic Disney Princesses with slogans such as, “Princess Squad,” and “Happily Ever After Only Exists in Books.” Clothing ranges from tank tops to strappy cold shoulder shirts to even a one-piece emblazoned with Princess Jasmine.

The designs are the collaboration of Bonnie Dogan, VP and strategic lead for Specialty Retailers, alongside Cynthia Mata, Merchandise Director, and Liz Evans, VP of Creative. Love Tribe is also a leader in philanthropy, having partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Breast Cancer Angels, and Black Book Sessions.

“Love Tribe is the passionate voice of a new generation of young women poised to take over the world. We are empowered and opinionated. We recognize that our differences make us special, but we are stronger when we stand together as a tribe. We are Love Tribe apparel – we’re not fast fashion; we’re fashion made with love. We are working with the brands young women grew up loving and modernizing them for today’s strong women,” said Dogan in a press release to launch the brand.

Love Tribe was launched by Disney’s Austin & Ally star and brand ambassador Laura Marano at Macy’s South Coast Plaza earlier this month. Attendees got autographs, gift bags, Disney giveaways, and more. They also got a first look at the fashion line that is now in Macy’s nationwide.

This line definitely seems aimed at the older teen/young adult who loved the princesses as kids but want more grown-up ways of expressing it. I think my favorite piece so far is the Princess Squad tank dress with hoodie.

The clothing is available is sizes from XS to XL in Juniors. Visit for more information, or visit your local Macy’s