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Regal Getting More 3-D, Time Warner Cable Split

In distribution news, Regal Entertainment Group has reached a deal with Real D 3D to upgrade 1,500 cinema screens with 3-D technology.  In addition to Regal Cinemas, Regal also owns the United Artists  cinemas and Edwards Cinemas. Time Warner plans … Continue reading

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More 3D Coming to Cinema, But Story Matters Most

Gregg Kilday writes in the Hollywood Reporter that amid the scramble in increase the number of screens in cinemas capable of showing content in 3D, that the story will continue to be what really matters.  He’s right.  But studios and … Continue reading

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Update on Comcast’s Idea to Deliver New Movies Along With Cinemas

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Comcast vs. Cinemas

Yinka Adegoke of Reuters reports that cable company Comcast wants to show movies to homes the same day they are released in the cinema.  Disney President Bob Iger and others have previously thrown around the idea of simultaneously releasing movies … Continue reading

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Roy Disney Invests in Real D

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