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From Cinema to DVD Lickety Split

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Claudia Eller of the Los Angeles Times reports the wait time between a release of a movie in the cinemas and its release on DVD is shrinking.

The average time between the premiere of a movie at the multiplex and its appearance on DVD shrank an additional 10 days last year, further unnerving theater owners who believe that the tightening window threatens their business.

Hence the push for new advancements in communal cinemas that you’re unlikely to be able to afford for your home entertainment centers.

No major studio has yet to simultaneously release a movie in theaters and on DVD, and executives doubt they will any time soon. But some analysts have speculated that studios could significantly increase annual revenue by launching their movies all at once in theaters, on DVD and through cable TV services such as video on demand.

Bob Iger has mentioned his support for this idea.  It is one way to cash in before pirates can distribute a film on DVD and online while the film is still in cinemas.

Are you old enough to remember when it took years for a film to hit VHS or Betamax, and then it cost like US$100 per copy to purchase?

(Note: "lickety split" is even faster than "a twinkling".)