A Very Tangled Giveaway

I’m watching Disney’s Tangled on DVD right now as I prepare to write my review for the March 29th release of the DVD/Blu-Ray Combo. While enjoying the move again, I was reminded how well the pairing of Pascal the chameleon with Rapunzel, and Maximus the Police Horse with Flynn Rider worked. It made me think of some other famous pairs from Walt Disney’s Animated Features. We have Ariel and Flounder, Mulan and Mushu, Mowgli and Baloo, Pocahontas and Flik and Meeko, Hercules and Pegasus to name a few.

To celebrate the release of Disney’s Tangled on DVD I’m happy to announce a very special contest that will honor your favorite partnerships from the history of Disney’s animated features.

The Disney Blog has been provided a spectacular prize package from Disney. It includes A Pascal T-shirt (Lrg), A Maximus T-Shirt (Lrg), a special Tangled Paper Lantern, and a copy of the Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack.

To enter: First, leave a comment on the post below with your favorite pairing of a Disney animated character and their animal friend(s) and the reason you love them. Then make sure you’re a fan of The Disney Blog on Facebook by ‘liking’ the fan page. Finally, you must have a US postal address to ship the prize package to. That’s it. I’ll pick one winner from among all the valid entries.

For a second chance to win, tweet the message below up to once per day between now and the end of the contest. One additional winner will be randomly drawn from all qualifying tweets and who satisfied the conditions above.

The message to be tweeted is:

Enter to win a Disney Tangled DVD/Blu-Ray prize package on @TheDisneyBlog – http://bit.ly/TangledPkg – Available in stores 3/29

The contest begins now and all entries must be received by 11:59PM on Friday April 1st (no foolin’). Not valid where prohibited by law.

Of course, if you don’t want to wait to win, you can pre-order Tangled today on Amazon.com for it’s March 29th release date.

NOTE: Comments are moderated and yours may not appear until I get a chance to approve them.

Good luck!

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216 Responses to A Very Tangled Giveaway

  1. Amber says:

    I love Cinderella and her animal helpers, especially her mice!

  2. Amy Dalton says:

    I have a lot of favorites, but I am going to go with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.

  3. Theresa says:

    Love Aladdin and Abu!

  4. Soha Molina says:

    I love Shrek and Donkey because they work so well together.

  5. Suzanne Denys says:

    Aladdin and Abu from Aladdin is my favorite. They are funny and sweet together.

  6. Shannon says:

    Does Dumbo and Timothy Mouse count? I love how Timothy takes care of Dumbo when he’s at his lowest and teaches him that being yourself is magic enough. Love that movie!

  7. Heather S says:

    My favorite Disney pairing is Aladdin and Abu, because they’re cute and hilarious!
    I like The Disney Blog on Facebook too!

  8. crystle tellerday says:

    baloo and mogawi

  9. Steve Marine says:

    My favorite pairing would be Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket. Not only is “Pinocchio” my favorite Disney movie, but I also feel their pairing is so essential to the story. Jiminy is Pinocchio’s conscience, after all… (PS: That “Tangled” lantern looks AWESOME!)

  10. Kaarin R says:

    My favorite is Jasime and Rajah. Every girl needs a pet tiger.

  11. Jake B says:

    Aladin and Abu steal it they are so funny and a good pair
    Also liked the Disney blog on facebook- Jake Bray

  12. david basile says:

    dick van dtke dancing with the penguins in bedknobs and broomsticks

  13. Marysa says:

    I would say Ariel and Flounder (and her other underwater friends, like Sebastian)

  14. Lauren says:

    Ariel and Flounder! Because flounder is super cute and supportive of Ariel’s decisions, whilst still trying to keep her grounded! :)

  15. Nikki Turner says:

    I love love love Meeko and Pocahontas because they complete each other!

  16. Janna Johnson says:

    lilo and stitch because they are family! Nobody gets left behind!
    thanks for entering me!
    Janna Johnson

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  18. Duane Shaver says:

    My favorite Disney (Pixar) pair has to be Carl and Dud.

  19. Lesley says:

    I love Jaq and Gus and how they stop at nothing to help Cinderella.

  20. Brittany Chambers says:

    I love Ariel and Flounder together.

  21. Mike Metzler says:

    I’d say Mowgli and Baloo from THE JUNGLE BOOK. I like how the big old bear took the young cub under his wing and taught him through lessons and song.

  22. David says:

    Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket because they are funny together.

  23. rogXue says:

    Aladin and Abu!

  24. Fred H says:

    Aladdin and Abu, I mean that monkey gets him in trouble every time, but always saves his life too.

  25. Alex says:

    I would have said Ariel and Flounder ,but since watching Tangled, I LOVE Rapunzel and Pascal. He’s been there for her since forever and he watches out for her. He changes colors and seems like a lot of fun.

  26. Suz says:

    Ariel and Flounder. :) They are adorable!

  27. Courtney Johnston says:

    I love Hercules and Pegasus. They have an amazing bond and are so funny!

  28. Jacqueline Hudosn says:

    My favorite is Ariel and Flounder, I guess because that was my favorite movie growing up.

  29. Ashim Ahuja says:

    Aladdin and Abu are the greatest Disney pair! The combination of Aladdin’s charm and Abu’s humor make their antics make for non-stop entertainment and memories that last a lifetime!

  30. Shawn says:

    I love Pocahontas and Meeko – I think that they both have a great inquisitive nature.

  31. Kaylyn Sung says:

    for sure marlin and dory :)

  32. Susan says:

    My favorite is Abu and Aladdin! I saw the movie in the theater when I lived in Florida. And as some people have exotic pets there, I SO WANTED to have a monkey like Abu as a pet.
    It didn’t happen but I can dream. “A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep…”

  33. Theresa says:

    Hercules and Pegasus!

  34. kholoud says:

    Ariel and flounder, they are so cute together and he cares for her

  35. Cassandra says:

    I LOVE Gus Gus & Jac! They always have each other’s back!

  36. Emily Johnson says:

    Kronk and his shoulder angel & devil. They all crack me up!!

    From The Emporer’s New Groove

  37. Asia Hebert says:

    My favorite pairing is Pocahontas and Meeko! They both are very much alike, both curious and inquisitive which causes them to sometimes “bump heads” and get on each other’s nervous but at the end of the day they still love each other and have lots of fun :)

  38. Bambi and Thumper. How cute and inocent their friendship was.

  39. Kevin E says:

    I love Mowgli and Baloo. They sing the best song, “The Bare Necesseties” together!

  40. Sara says:

    My favorite Disney pair is Aladdin and Abu because of the way they stick together. Even with Abu being as silly as he is, Aladdin still loves him.

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  42. Lori Pace says:

    We LOVE Nemo in this house and especially the pairing of Dory and Marlin on their search for the little fish!

    I “like” The Disney Blog on FB – Lori P

    I tweeted – 3/23/2011 @lomargie

  43. Nicole B says:

    OK this might be stretching it, but I love Cinderella and I suppose she is paired with her little mice helpers.

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  45. Gina Mongenel says:

    I gotta go with Mickey and his faithful friend/sidekick Pluto. Best friends to the end!

  46. JMac2474 says:

    My favorite pair is Sully and Mike! My daughter for the longest time called that movie “Eyeball!” Monster, Inc. is still one of my favorites.

  47. Justin Lee says:

    I think Tron and Bit deserve some recognition.

    Bit is so clear with his responses, Tron never has to deal with a “maybe” or a “sometimes”. It’s always yes or no!

    cout << endl;

  48. Karen A. says:

    Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse

  49. Phyllis P says:

    I would say that Ariel and Flounder are my favorite because they have such great chemistry and are great friends!

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