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zac efron

Zac Efron graces GQ cover in May

Okay. Graces may be too strong a word. It a weird photo that makes him look a little like a bobble head doll. But it’s still a great accomplishment for the star of Disney’s High School Musical. GQ’s Efron issue hits newsstands nationwide April 21st,… Read More »Zac Efron graces GQ cover in May

Morning Round Up – July 17th

True High School Musical fans know that it wasn’t Zac Efron’s voice on the soundtrack for the first film. Instead Drew Seeley was asked to lay down the tracks for the final version. Apparently Zac was surprised by the change when he saw the initial release. With a role in Hairspray (and shortly in Footloose)… Read More »Morning Round Up – July 17th

Morning Roundup – July 12

Rick Aristotle Munarriz of The Motely Fool has yet another interesting idea ping-ponging around… Should Disney buy Cedar Fair? There was a fair amount of speculation, some by Munarriz himself, that Disney should have bought Six Flags when it was available. I don’t know why Disney would want to own all those smaller seasonal properties… Read More »Morning Roundup – July 12