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Morning Roundup – July 12

  • Rick Aristotle Munarriz of The Motely Fool has yet another interesting idea ping-ponging around… Should Disney buy Cedar Fair? There was a fair amount of speculation, some by Munarriz himself, that Disney should have bought Six Flags when it was available. I don’t know why Disney would want to own all those smaller seasonal properties when they’re having trouble with some of the parks they already own.
  • The Disney Enquirer is back with another round of recently registered Disney domains. Lot’s of Disney Channel stuff and indications of a partnership with Cheetos cheese puffs.
  • Disney-MGM Studios has closed down Mickey Avenue to make way for the changes involved in retheming the path to Pixar Place. Construction on the showbuilding for Toy Story Mania is almost complete with the attraction scheduled to open next year. Lots of great pics and other details over at
  • CartoonBrew has another amazing discovery. This time they’ve found some very enjoyable Quicktime VR movies of the Ratatouille sets. It’s just like being in the movie.
  • A 1943 Disney Studios newsletter "Dispatch from Disney’s" has been scanned and made available by the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive blog. There’s an introduction by Walt, lots of talk about the "Victory Through Airpower" film, and newsy information on Disney animators.
  • Disney’s High School Musical director Kenny Ortega and star Zac Efron will team up again to remake the 1980’s classic Footloose with Efron in the roll originated by Kevin Bacon. Similar to Hairspray and The Producers, this will be a full-blown musical with song and dance. Footloose had a Broadway revival in 1998.