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Videopolis: One Man Disney Medley

Meet Daniel Coz. He’s a YouTuber and budding actor out of Toronto. He’s also a Disney fan who loves the movies, parks, and stage musicals. He sent along this new Disney medley where he sings every part in 14 different Disney songs. As a recent… Read More »Videopolis: One Man Disney Medley

Videopolis: Aladdin “Friend Like Me” Cover

This creative cover of “Friend Like Me” from Disney’s Aladdin features the talents of upcoming Youtube star Bri Ray. I meant to publish this yesterday on the late, great Robin William’s birthday, but a day late is better than never, right? Singer Bri Ray has… Read More »Videopolis: Aladdin “Friend Like Me” Cover

YouTuber AlphaCat visits Disney World for the first time

You’ve heard of Grumpy Cat? Well YouTuber AlphaCat is nothing like that. He’s known for his online viral videos and a near perfect impression of President Barack Obama. AlphaCat brings his positive attitude and millions of video viewers along for a #DisneySide ride through his… Read More »YouTuber AlphaCat visits Disney World for the first time

Disney Side Rap with YouTuber Albert Lawrence


Talk of Fame Youtuber Albert Lawrence raps his way through life and displays a unique appreciation of pop culture. He’s met and rapped with some pretty big celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallow, but he recently hung out with the big cheese at Walt Disney World and rapped his way through all four parks in one day.

That’s not all Albert did, he also did some dancing with Olaf. Check them out below the jump:Read More »Disney Side Rap with YouTuber Albert Lawrence

Two new DisneySide videos from YouTube stars


Vy Qwaint runs a popular YouTube Channel focused on fashion. Her “Get The Look” videos show how you can get that expensive celebrity fashion look for less. Disney asked Vy to turn her trained eye to the concept of DisneyBounding and flew her out to Walt Disney World for a video shoot.

This was Vy’s first trip to Walt Disney World. She reports her favorite part was “probably getting to see all the behind the scenes, having whole park to ourselves and meeting Disney animators/producers!”

It looks like she had a blast. Speaking of having a blast, Vy also works on Chad Wild Clay’s YouTube videos.Read More »Two new DisneySide videos from YouTube stars

YouTube artist Sam Macaroni’s Disney Side is on Display


A few weeks ago Walt Disney World invited a core group of YouTubers down to Orlando for the Disney Side Creator Conference. Participants were allowed to visit the parks to experience some of the magic and make a few videos that really show their Disney Side. The first of those videos has just been released and it features Sam Macaroni.

Here’s Sam Macaroni’s ‘dream’ Magic Kingdom visit:

For those not familiar with Sam Macaroni’s Youtube channel, he’s known for his use of special effects to upgrade movies to fit his own fun style, usually inserting himself into the story in some way.

His most popular video so far is a re-imagining of Star Wars with a ‘Disney’ twist. Check it out below
Read More »YouTube artist Sam Macaroni’s Disney Side is on Display

Videopolis: Disney Owns Everything

You may have heard people complaining about how since Bob Iger started his buying spree, that The Walt Disney Company now owns pretty much everything. Here’s a smart parody video by YouTuber’s Minhdzuy Khorami & Greg Smith with their take on exactly how bad it… Read More »Videopolis: Disney Owns Everything