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Harry Potter fans get ready for the most immersive Wizarding World experience you can have outside your imagination. The Grand Opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort has been set for June 18 and parts of the land will be opening even sooner. Universal Orlando released details of the expansion to Islands of Adventure and the highly anticipated new attraction “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” this morning.

One of three themed attractions within The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, including Flight of the Hippogriff and Dragon Challenge, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is the heart of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This all new adventure combines a powerful storyline with spectacular new technology so effectively that guests will be completely immersed in the experience.

And as they live their adventure, guests will feel things no one has ever felt inside a theme park attraction, move in ways no one has ever moved, experience film like no one else ever has, explore vast sets punctuated by amazing special effects – and have an adventure only possible in Harry Potter’s world.

The new attraction lies deep within Hogwarts castle, a majestic structure that towers over The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – the only place in the world where the wonder, excitement and adventure of the Harry Potter books and films comes to life.

The Adventure


…meeting Harry, Ron and Hermione as if they were in person

…soaring over Hogwarts castle with Harry

…being swept into a Quidditch match

…feeling the chilling effect of a Dementor

…exploring your favorite places inside Hogwarts castle

…living adventures you’ve only been able to imagine – until now.

The Story

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey draws you into the excitement and chaos of Harry’s life. As you venture through Hogwarts castle, you meet Harry, Ron and Hermione who convince you to skip a planned lecture and follow them. Upon taking their advice, you travel by Floo powder, and begin the adventure as you soar over Hogwarts, narrowly escape a dragon attack, have a close encounter with the Whomping Willow, get pulled into a Quidditch match and more.

“Guests will experience firsthand a completely new adventure featuring the iconic characters, amazing creatures and recognizable locations they’ve only read in the books or seen in the films,” said Thierry Coup, creative director for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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Universal Orlando has opened up its search for employees to work in the soon to open “Wizarding World of Harry Potter”. A quick trip over to http://www.universalorlandojobs.com/ shows they’re hiring for food, merchandising, and attractions operations in the new land.

While the WWoHP is scheduled to open this spring. It will really just be phase one, with the two rethemed coasters and some shops and food locations opening. The big new attraction won’t be opening until a bit later.

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Today’s the big day for Harry Potter fans who are looking forward to actually visiting Hogwarts School of Magic or walking through the village of  Hogsmeade. Universal Orlando is rolling out more details of what you can expect in a special video conference. Unfortunately it’s invite only.

As it turns out, the attraction names I had back in July were correct. The main attraction that will feature robocoaster technology and will inhabit the interior of Hogwarts will be called “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.” Universal claims it will be unlike anything ever ridden before and will feature popular scenes from the books and movies. It also sounds like Forbidden Journey will have a very detailed queue that winds through some of the castle’s well known rooms.

Two existing attractions will be renamed. The kid friendly Flying Unicorn will become “”Flight of the Hippogriff” and Dueling Dragons will become “Dragon Challenge”. I hope they work hard to keep all the great details of the Dueling Dragons queue. It’s one of the best outside Disney. Dragon Challenge is based on the Tri-wizarding Tournament, which features dragons, so that makes sense. Flight of the Hippogriff will feature a ‘Care of Magical Creatures Class.’

There will be three dining locations: Three Broomsticks, Magic Neep, and Butterbeer. Stores and retail locations include: Zonko’s, Owl Post, Ollivanders, Honeydukes, and Dervish and Banges. A new shop, located inside Hogwarts, will be called “Fitch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods.” There you can buy remote-controlled golden snitches among other fun items.

The Owlery and Owl Post will be working Post Office where visitors can get a Hogsmeade postage cancellation. Won’t all your friends at home be jealous?

Right now the ‘Grand Opening’ for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is planed for Spring 2010, which meets their June 2010 contractual date, but probably won’t include all the attractions.

Update: Here’s a video fly-through of the new land. I’ve added some annotations to help make connections

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