Celebrity Spotting: Tracy Morgan rides a flying elephant at the Magic Kingdom

Summer is a busy time for celebrities to visit Disney’s theme parks. The latest VIP spotted at Disney is actor-comedian Tracy Morgan (joined by fiancée Megan Wollover and daughter Maven Morgan) who took flight July 2, 2015 on Dumbo the…

Are Rich Moms Really Cutting Queues With VIP Tours and GAC Cards?

TSMM Fast pass machines ready and waiting
TSMM Fast pass machines ready and waiting

An outrageous story in the NY Post has been making the rounds today. According to the story, some rich New York moms are taking advantage of an unofficial $130/hr Disney World VIP concierge tour service that utilizes Guess Assistance Cards (GAC) to shorten some of the waits for the party. If true, this is a horrible abuse of a system that really is needed by those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy Disney’s wonderful theme parks without some assistance.

If you ask me, something is a little off in the story including some factually challenged details. The mom in question claims to have skipped a 2.5 hour queue for “it’s a small world.” Let me assure you that even on the 4th of July, the queue for IASW does not get that long. (Ask me again after MyMagic Plus adds totally unnecessary fastpass access to IASW, that fact may change.)

Exotic Driving Experience Schedules VIP Day with Christian Fittipaldi

With Father’s Day on the horizon, a son could make his race fan father very happy with a gift of a VIP Day with former Formula One driver Christian Fittipaldi at the Exotic Driving Experience (EDE) on the Walt Disney World Speedway. Exotic Driving Experience, which opened in January, offers customers the chance to climb behind the wheel and drive exotic supercars on a real racetrack.

The Disney Blog had the honor of completing a ride-along with Fittipaldi at the wheel and it was quite the experience. Today, EDE announced a new offering, VIP Day with Christian Fittipaldi. Here’s a video of our ride along with Fittipaldi at the wheel.

EDE has partnered with the renowned international driver to offer an exclusive exotic car driving program this summer. Limited to only 24 participants, this is truly the ultimate driving event for supercar enthusiasts.