TRON: Legacy touched up by Pixar braintrust

Disney’s $7 billion purchase of Pixar Studios is looking better and better all the time. Not only are they continuing to roll out the hits (Toy Story 3 just became the best performing domestic release from Pixar ever) but they’re helping to save other projects… Read More »TRON: Legacy touched up by Pixar braintrust

Own your own Tron Lightcycle

Disney fans, your fantasy is about to come true. You can bid on one of five road legal actual Tron LightCycles made exactly to movie spec.Yep, they’re just like the props in the movie, but these you can actually light up and ride down the… Read More »Own your own Tron Lightcycle

TRON Legacy sequel leaves the starting gate

You know a film has high expectations for a studio when they hire writers to start working on a sequel even before the finished product enters theaters. But that’s exactly what has happened with TRON Legacy. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the screenwriters for TRON… Read More »TRON Legacy sequel leaves the starting gate

Tron-o-Rail Debuts at EPCOT

Orlando Attractions Magazine has scored some of the first video of the newly wrapped Monorail advertising for Disney’s upcoming film TRON Legacy. I don’t know about you, but I’m loving it: Now, some people have been complaining about this being a blatant ad that takes… Read More »Tron-o-Rail Debuts at EPCOT

Tron Legacy Set Preview Pics

Slashfilm was lucky enough to be invited to tour the set of Tron Legacy a few months ago. The film’s release is still a ways off in December, but Disney has said it’s okay to start leaking a few things out here and there. This… Read More »Tron Legacy Set Preview Pics

Tron Legacy Trailer Hits the Internet

Without any further ado… the first trailer from Tron Legacy. Open. Open. Open. This looks a little different from the ‘proof of concept’ trailer that was shown at Comic-Con, but it’s still good. What do you think?

New image from TRON: Legacy – Jeff Bridges

I’m loving this new photo of Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn. It’s so dark and broody. TRON 2.0 is not your father’s Tron. (click for larger image) Image Caption: Jeff Bridges, winner of both a Golden Globe® and Screen Actors Guild Award®—and now an Oscar®… Read More »New image from TRON: Legacy – Jeff Bridges