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Tom Sawyer Island

Magic Kingdom rumor mill grows as two big projects wrap up

Even though Magic Kingdom wrapped up a major project with New Fantasyland expansion in 2014, the park hasn’t been idle. Along with many small refurbishments designed to stay ahead of weather related wear, the park has a couple of big projects underway and it looks… Read More »Magic Kingdom rumor mill grows as two big projects wrap up

LOST Island should stay away fom Disneyland

I have to say I’m in agreement with David at Disney-O-Rama that the folks organizing the petition to get Disneyland to turn Tom Sawyer Island into LOST island are barking up the wrong tree. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t appreciate finding more ABC… Read More »LOST Island should stay away fom Disneyland

Disneyland Fantasmic! Construction Restrospective

Bob at, the original unofficial Knott’s Berry Farm website, has an extensive photo restrospective of the 1991-1992 construction/installation of the Disneyland Fantasmic! show, which is the original edition of the show.  That’s because Bob, who runs the site, is also a longtime Disneyland fan.… Read More »Disneyland Fantasmic! Construction Restrospective

A couple of WDW rumors

Some rumors about the parks at Disney World and how fast they’ll recover from Hurricane Frances. Although MSNBC is running a ticker saying that Disney World will open on Monday, the feeling is that it might be a late opening and Animal Kingdom might stay closed an extra day again. The parks again avoided a… Read More »A couple of WDW rumors

Famous Dog killed by float, Disney fined.

Deaths at a Disney themepark are really very very rare. They are almost always caused by a guest doing something they weren’t supposed to do (walk on the monorail beam, stand up in the Matterhorn, stay on Tom Sawyer Island overnight, etc) or by a cast member having an accident. So it was with terrible… Read More »Famous Dog killed by float, Disney fined.