The Odd Life of Timothy Green – A Disney Fable That Doesn’t Ask Too Much

Disney’s entry into the feel good family film category this year is “The Odd Life of Timothy Green.” It fits the mold very nicely, while at the same time, introducing a little something extra you don’t normally get from those films, metaphor. In fact, not only is the title character who is essentially a metaphor for childhood innocence, the movie itself is also a metaphor for the parental journey and how you deal with life’s struggles and loss.

Those extra layers make this movie more enjoyable for the adults who will be accompanying their kids to the film. But unfortunately, they did not solve some of the other problems.

The movie has that fable feel and doesn’t depart from the script too much. I wish it had departed a bit more. When it does start to explore Tim’s other relationships it gets interesting, but then it becomes afraid to explore those plots too much and instead leaves (sorry) the audience hanging without answers for a lot of the stories told in the film.