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The Gap

Business Week on Former Disney Exec

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Louise Lee at Business Week tells us about "Paul Pressler’s Fall From The Gap."  Paul Pressler was at The Disney Store before becoming Disneyland Resort President, and then to Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, which included the Disney Cruise line and Walt Disney Imagineering.  Some of this article sounds awfully familiar. The immediate post-mortem analysis:… Read More »Business Week on Former Disney Exec

That Took Longer Than I Thought It Would

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In what has to be among the most expected news in corporate business, Gap brand president Cynthia Harriss, who followed Paul Pressler from The Disney Stores to the Disneyland Resort to The Gap, Inc., has left following the resignation of Paul Pressler as CEO of The Gap, Inc. Following Harriss’ departure, four of the remaining… Read More »That Took Longer Than I Thought It Would

Current or Former Employee of The Gap?

Do you currently work for The Gap, or did you work for The Gap?  Or are you are were you a shareholder of The Gap?  Or maybe you were a regular shopper at the various Gap brand stores.  As a former Disney cast member and ongoing Disney shareholder, I’m interested in talking with you about… Read More »Current or Former Employee of The Gap?

When will they learn?

Rumors are again circulating about the demise of one of Disneyland’s most cherished, but least visited, attractions. Yes. The eyes of park management have turned once more toward Great Moments with Mr Lincoln and this time the famous attration’s fate may already be sealed.

What is known is that current announced plans for the celebration surrounding the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland call for Mr Lincoln to take a hiatus for the length of the celebration. Part of what’s leading to the rumors is that ever since Light Magic, The Keel Boats, and the Submarine Voyage (despite Marty Sklar’s famous speed bump on Harbor Blvd speach) all went on ‘hiatus’ and never came back, hiatus has become a Disney codeword for ‘sent out to pasture’ aka retired. Needless to say this revelation is causing the bunching of many a panty.

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