Baby Cheetah is the Cuteness!

Busch Gardens is opening a new roller coaster called Cheetah Hunt in May and Mother Nature is helping out with the promotional campaign. The park recently welcomed a new baby cheetah to its menagerie and it is the absolute cuteness. You can sort of see… Read More »Baby Cheetah is the Cuteness!

Orlando Mass Transit Map is Murky

Walt Disney, I think everyone can agree, was a visionary. His desire to see an America connected by a series of high speed trains, monorails, and people mover systems was given proof of concept by his theme park experiments and plans for the City of… Read More »Orlando Mass Transit Map is Murky

Disney World vs High Speed Rail

The Orlando Sentinel has a look at how far Disney might go to support High Speed Rail in Central Florida. They question if Disney would be willing to give up it’s free Disney’s Magical Express service, the first step in WDW’s attempt to make each… Read More »Disney World vs High Speed Rail

Disney World signs on to High Speed Rail

When the Obama administration announced there was $8 billion in the stimulus package for funding High Speed Rail projects, there was good reason to hope that Central Florida would be receive part of that funding. Now that hope has been given a shot in the… Read More »Disney World signs on to High Speed Rail