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special effects

A Stitch in Time?

Joe Lane, over at Themepark Insider, reviews Disney World’s newest attraction and writes about the less than big splash it’s making. Stitch’s Great Escape is an updating of the original Mission to the Moon attractin in WDW’s Tommorowland. It became Mission to Mars, then Alien Encounter (Disney’s first PG-13 rated attraction), and has recently been… Read More »A Stitch in Time?

Dave Does The Incredibles

The movie, at 115 minutes, is the longest all-CG film to date. The plot actually fills the time out nicely — I never felt bored, rushed, waiting for the next scene, or wondering why we hadn’t seen more of the goings-on. It wouldn’t be nearly as good a film in either traditional animation, nor in… Read More »Dave Does The Incredibles