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Inside Be Our Guest – New Fantasyland’s French Restaurant

Be Our Guest Marquee

Be Our Guest Sign

New Fantasyland opened for its “Dress Rehearsal” this weekend and many guests were drawn across the stone bridge to foot of Beast’s Castle. Inside the mountain is the “Be Our Guest” restaurant, which opened its lobby to allow guests a sneak peek at the ballroom and entry hall. I took a quick video and some photos, of course.

The restaurant’s spacious interior re-creates the look of the film in great detail. Lunch guests enter through the Armor Hallway, where six suits of armor stand along the wall (listen closely for an occasional whisper from the metal figures), and into the Beast’s Parlor to place lunch orders on five guest-activated terminals. For dinner, guests enter directly into the majestic Ballroom.

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EPCOT 2011 Flower & Garden Festival Preview

EPCOT’s 2011 International Flower & Garden Festival opens today. While I won’t be able to make it out until this weekend, I did send a spy today who took these sneak peeks of the preparations still underway for one of my favorite events at Walt Disney World.

Familiar toy shaped Topiaries from Toy Story 3 will great guests as they enter EPCOT.

And there will be sand sculptures again. This year highlighting Wild Cats from the DisneyNature label.

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Harry Potter Sneak Peek reveals new details

The magic minds behind the Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s keystone attraction “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” have released a short clip of behind the scenes snippets from filming involved involved in creating the attraction. Watch it for yourself: This sneak peek has revealed… Read More »Harry Potter Sneak Peek reveals new details