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Searching for Bombs at Walt Disney World

There are reports that Disney Cast Members are now searching monorails for abandoned packages. It’s nice to know they’re doing this on the monorails and, I hope, the trains/buses/boats that also transport guests around the Walt Disney World property. A few years ago I was riding the train at Disneyland and boarded an empty car… Read More »Searching for Bombs at Walt Disney World

Disneyland’s itching for more bad publicity

Cory at BoingBoing links to another story of a ‘rogue’ tour guide, this time author and Disneyland historian Dave Koenig, being asked not to give tours on Disney property. Does Disneyland really need all this bad publicity? Who is making the decisions up there, Goofy? I agree that Disney has the right to control tour… Read More »Disneyland’s itching for more bad publicity

WDW Unionized Security rejects Contract

On the heels of the recent contract votes for the unions representing almost half of the WDW workforce, Disney World’s Security is in negotiations over some of the same details (higher healthcare costs, overtime, etc) that were the sticking points with the larger group. As before the union leaders have recommended that the workers accept… Read More »WDW Unionized Security rejects Contract

Sorry, No Santa for You

Sadly, Santa has been barred from landing near Disneyland. Apparently homeland security won’t accept his visa. Actually, this is an annual holiday event for a local shopping mall that has the misfortune of being too close to Disneyland. Santa won’t be allowed to skydive in as that would violate Disneyland’s no-fly zone. If you hear… Read More »Sorry, No Santa for You

Computer Security

Many people visit Disney World and have a good time because their surroundings are controlled. This in turn makes it easier to control people’s behavior and minimize problems. By using physical barriers and having a cheerful staff, Disney World makes it easy for visitors to… Read More »Computer Security