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Clyde and Seamore Go to School with Sea Lion High at SeaWorld Orlando


SeaWorld Orlando premiered their new animal show Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High on Thursday, April 16, 2015, and it was a big hit with those in attendance.

The show started with a pre-show example of training the sea lions to do certain behaviors. They explained that the sea lions can get up to 650 pounds, so the first thing they do is establish a relationship between the trainer and the animal. Then they can begin to train the animal based upon the trust in that relationship.

Also prior to the show, the audience is taught the Sea Lion High fight song, complete with lyrics on the screen. Don’t forget to buy your foam fingers and cheerleader poms before you come to school.

Then the show starts, and it’s a perfect showcase for the animals. The storyline is it’s graduation day at Sea Lion High, but we discover that Clyde and Seamore haven’t completed all the classes they need to graduate. Until they do, they’re not eligible for scholarships to go to Ocean University.

Clyde has to retake science and dance, while Seamore has to retake gym, drama, and dance. It was a creative way to keep the action continuous on stage while giving each animal breaks from the action. They also have lunch together, though one of them was definitely getting the best of the Lunch Lady.

Towards the end there is a huge crisis, and Clyde and Seamore have to apply what they’ve learned to save the day.Read More »Clyde and Seamore Go to School with Sea Lion High at SeaWorld Orlando