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Is Blu-ray Victory Too Late?

Blu-ray’s victory in getting Warner Brothers to drop the HD-DVD may not be enough to fend off obsolescence.  As Dawn C. Chmielewski reports in the Los Angeles Times, downloads, cable, and satellite delivery of HD movies might make the whole HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray battle moot anyway. But sales of these next-generation discs fell short of… Read More »Is Blu-ray Victory Too Late?

Imagineer: Technology getting in the way of things!

Today, most large companies have the latest in business tools; Xerox – collators – computers – laptops – Blackberries – PDA’s – pagers – cell phones – Email – internet – video/phone conferencing – software applications for thousands of tasks – Fedex – satellite feeds – iPods to stick in your ear so you can… Read More »Imagineer: Technology getting in the way of things!